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Selected Publications




  • "Welcome Back to Chevy Chase Village Charles K. Steiner," Chevy Chase Village Life, December 2021, p. 12-13. 

  • Speck, Adam, "Airport Art Speaks to Travelers," The Fort Report, March 18, 2020, p. 9. 








  • “Shape, Shadow, and Motion: Indonesian Shadow Puppets as Two-Dimensional Design Models,” in Seventy-Two Assignments: The Foundation Course in Art and Design Today, ed. Chloe Briggs, Paris College of Art (Paris: 2013), p. 68.  



  • Guest Editorial, electronic member newsletter of Association of Art Museum Directors (December 2010).  



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  • “Extending a Welcome,” inMastering Civic Engagement: A Challenge to Museums, Washington, D.C.: American Association of Museums (2002), pp. 61-62.  



  • “Bearing Gifts,” Museum News, 76/5, (1997): pp. 23, 25, 50-51. (Book review for exhibition catalogue documenting Native American artifacts).  



  • “Fixing what’s Baroque,” Museum News, 76/2 (1997): pp. 29, 60-62. (Review of book on Baroque art for blind people).  



  • “Introduction,” in The Accessible Museum: Model Programs of Accessibility for Disabled and Older People, Washington, D.C.: American Association of Museums (1992). (Scholarly essay reviewing political and practical issues associated with integrating disabled visitors with general museum audiences).  



  • “Projets de programme muséographique à l’intention des visiteurs handicapés mentaux,” Des Musées Ouverts A Tous Les Sens: Mieux Accueillir Les Personnes Handicapées, cahiers no. 2, Paris: Fondation de France/ICOM (1991): pp. 142-146. English translation- London: Routledge (1991): pp. 172-176. Spanish edition-Salamanca: Ministerio de Cultura de Espana (1994): pp. 209-214.   



  • “Overseas News: Design Comes to the Whitney,” Arts National, 3/3 (1986): pp. 63-67. (Australian Journal)  




  • “Art Museums and the Visually Handicapped Consumer: Some Issues in Approach and Design,” Journal of Visual Impairment & Blindness, 77/7 (1983): pp. 330-333.  



  • Four Technical Assistance Manuals: Museum Education for Retarded Adults, Museums and the Disabled, Museums: A Resource for the Learning Disabled, Help for the Special Educator(New York: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1978–1985).  



  • “‘The Treasures of Tutankhamen’ and the Consumer Board,”Access to Cultural Opportunities: Museums and the Handicapped  (Washington, D.C.: Association of Science-Technology Centers, 1980): pp. 45-50. 



  • “Reaching the Mentally Handicapped,”Museum News, 56/6 (1978): 19-24.   




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