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Dep(art)ing Passengers

Faced with the need to oversee out-of-town family health crises on an erratic schedule, Dep(art)ing Passengers--the title for this group of paintings--  was initially my way of continuing to work productively in the studio. I sketched airport passengers in transit and then translated the drawings to paintings when home. I wanted to capture in a very loose, gestural way the universality of people waiting. The regularity of this methodology pushed me to focus on the act of painting itself: how paint is applied and in what formal context. In the more current works, paint application includes, but is not limited to, transparent, impasto and distressed pigments on formats that are not necessarily  rectangular or stretched on underlying  wood bars. 

In December 2019, eleven months after paintings from Dep(art)ing Passengers were featured in a solo exhibition at The Fort Smith Arkansas Regional Airport, the Fort Smith Arkansas Regional Airport Commission acquired five paintings from the series for its collection. They will be on permanent display in the airport beginning in January 2020. 

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