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Sketchbook by Charles King Steiner Acquired and Digitized by the Brooklyn Art Library, Brooklyn, NY

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

Preparatory drawings for the "Dep(art)ing Passengers" series of paintings documented under "artwork" on this website are now available in  a hard copy sketchbook in the collection of the Brooklyn Art Library, Brooklyn, NY. The sketchbook will be publicly  available to access in digitized form through the Brooklyn Art Library sometime after February, 2020.

The paintings stem from Steiner's frequent and often last minute trips to oversee the care of a family member on the East Coast. To maintain his studio practice under such an emotionally difficult time, he sketched fellow passengers along side him waiting for airplanes and then made paintings based on the sketches upon returning to his home studio.

All drawings in the sketchbook are original, composed with black marking pens, and placed in the book opposite a digitized reproduction of the related painting. Because the Brooklyn Art Library sketchbooks are small (5"x 7") some drawings are in foldout form to accommodate their original size. 

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